Bathroom Plastic Boxes

Every bathroom needs that little bit of extra storage space for the endless items that we all have in there, and we have thought about every single aspect of having the perfect bathroom.  We have a wide range of products that can cater to all of your storage needs.

Our Bathroom Plastic Boxes section is broken down into 3 categories. We have Designer Boxes, Laundry Baskets and Bathroom Bins with some of our products ranging from rattan bins to collapsible laundry baskets to shower caddies.

Designer Boxes

Having a clutter free home can sometimes feel like mission impossible, but here at Plastic Storage Box, we have come up with a different styles and designs of boxes to meet your storage demands. We have a range of different boxes that come in different sizes and colours that can hold anything that you may need it for, ranging from your old magazines, to storing food or even to hold some of your old clothes.  They are completely for multi-purpose use and you can use them for literally anything that you may desire.

plastic laundry baskets

Laundry Baskets

The perfect thing about laundry baskets is that you don’t have to simply have them in the bathroom, but they can be kept in your bedroom, bathroom, utility room etc. We have many types of laundry baskets, all of which are made from high quality, durable and lightweight plastic that are perfect for carrying your washing from room to room. We have many different styles and colours of laundry baskets ranging from our most popular basket, the collapsible laundry basket going to our standard round laundry basket.

Plastic Bathroom Bins

Bathroom Bins

Bathroom bins can be a shrewd addition to any bathroom and often, it often goes unnoticed but they can match the style and design of your bathroom with absolute ease, and here we have various different styles, colours and sizes of bins that can tally with your ultimate bathroom goals.

Our sizes range from 10L bins and go up in size to 21L. We believe our stylish and elegant bins will meet the requirement of your bathroom needs.