bedroom boxes

Bedroom Plastic Boxes

Here at Plastic Storage Boxes, we have many different ranges and styles of bedroom boxes, so we are certain that we have the perfect plastic boxes to cater for you and your needs to meet your organisational goals. Our products in this section range from 42L under bed storage box to our biggest box, the 80L storage box, perfect for storing items like make-up, clothes, jewellery etc.

Our most popular line in this section is our 5 x 30 Litre Plastic Storage Box, which is perfect for storing all of the kids toys away when they are done playing with them, or even for using it in your home office, to store away your old paperwork.

bedroom boxes

Designer Boxes

Having a clutter free home can sometimes feel like mission impossible, but here at Plastic Storage Box, we have come up with a different styles and designs of boxes to meet your storage demands. We have a range of different boxes that come in different sizes and colours that can hold anything that you may need it for, ranging from your old magazines, to storing food or even to hold some of your old clothes.  They are completely for multi-purpose use and you can use them for literally anything that you may desire.

plastic boxes for clothes

Boxes For Clothes

Sometimes it’s not always possible to keep all of your clothes in your wardrobes, especially when you have old clothes that you might not want to get rid of, or you have a lot of seasonal clothes, that’s why we have the perfect types of storage boxes that can you simply store away and use when required to do so.

We have a different number of styles and sizes of storage boxes for your clothes, with the capacity of boxes ranging from 15L to 110L boxes, and we also don’t just do single storage boxes by themselves, but we have some fantastic prices on multipack items that are too good to resist.

loft plastic storage

Loft Storage

We all have those items in your house where you just put them in the loft and then just leave them, sometimes creating a mess up there in the process, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Just because the loft is out of site, it shouldn’t have to be cluttered. We have a fantastic selection of strong, durable boxes that can make your loft storage even more convenient.

All of your loft storage boxes are extremely heavy weight and long lasting, so they are perfect for storing things like old paperwork, clothes, or ornaments.


Toy Storage

Kids toys always seem to mount up, and as they get older, it seems that the mess and clutter of leaving toys lying around seems to increase also, but we have come up with a range of strong, lightweight, durable boxes that can allow you to de-clutter and organise your children’s toys with absolute ease.

All of our boxes come with lids so they can be easily stacked away and brought back out when required. Our boxes are not only a great answer for keeping your child’s toys stored away but also for maintaining great organisation within your home.

plastic shoe boxes

Plastic Shoe Boxes

We all seem to find ourselves in a position where we think we have may have too many shoes or forgot where we put our favourite shoes after the last time we used them, but we have come up with the ideal solution so you never have to have this problem again. We have various colours and styles of shoe storage boxes that you can simply stack on top of each other, meaning that you can keep your shoes dust free and have them neatly put away and organised accordingly.

underbed plastic boxes

Under Bed Storage

Using the space underneath your bed is a great way of retaining the neat and tidiness of your bedroom without ruining the décor and style. Under bed storage is a great way of keeping items like toys, out of season clothes or bedding out of the way but also keeping them readily available for when needed.