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Plastic Storage Boxes

The UK’s leading supplier of clear plastic storage boxes. With a huge range of shapes, styles, and sizes you’ll be sure to find storage boxes to suit every situation.

From our popular clip & stack boxes, 80-litre general storage boxes all the way to under bed storage or shoe boxes. With our easy laid out category list feel free to browse through our online store.

We also stock many specialist boxes including design storage boxes, school storage, multi-storage towers and even boxes for industry!

small clear plastic storage boxes

Small Plastic Boxes

Our Small Boxes are perfect for storing things like old magazines, letters and can be used within any room of your house, we have different styles and sizes within this section with sizes ranging from 0.5L Plastic Boxes to 13L Plastic Boxes.

medium plastic boxes

Medium Plastic Boxes

In the Medium Plastic Box Section, our sizes range from 15L plastic boxes to 32L plastic boxes. There are different styles and sizes of boxes within the section, all of which can be used to store various items that may be within your home/office.

large plastic boxes

Large Plastic Boxes

Our Boxes in this section start at 35L Plastic Boxes and go all the way up to 80L Plastic Boxes. Again, all of our boxes are suitable for storing things like your old paperwork and our larger boxes will hold more volume. Our boxes are made from the highest quality plastic and are extremely durable.

x large plastic boxes

X Large Plastic Boxes

Our biggest boxes in this section range from 110L plastic boxes to 160L Plastic Boxes. Some of our boxes in this section come with wheels so they can be moved around from room to room making your life that little bit easier.

small plastic boxes

Multiple Plastic Boxes

Sometimes, 1 box isn’t enough to solve your storage needs, and you need more to organise your room or office properly and that’s why here at Plastic Storage Box, we don’t just have single boxes that you can use, but we have a variety of different sized boxes that come in different quantities, we do these by packs of 3, 10 and 20.

pallet plastic boxes

Pallet Deals

If packs of either 3, 10 or 20 aren’t enough for you to complete your project, then we have some of our boxes that are included in pallet deals. With boxes ranging from our 24L boxes to our 100L plastic Boxes.