craft storage

Craft Storage

Craft storage and organisation is a crucial aspect of the crafting process because if its left all over the place, it can mean that crafting can become chaotic and manic, but we have a variety of boxes that can solve all of the crafting mess that gets left behind. Not everyone can be creative and organised at the same time, but we have a wide range of boxes that can help change those habits.

In this section, you can explore the various styles and sizes of craft storage boxes that we have. Craft storage boxes don’t have to be bland and boring, that’s why we have a range of stylish boxes that can match the décor of your home.

craft designer boxes

Designer Boxes

Having a clutter free home can sometimes feel like mission impossible, but here at Plastic Storage Box, we have come up with a different styles and designs of boxes to meet your storage demands. We have a range of different boxes that come in different sizes and colours that can hold anything that you may need it for, ranging from your old magazines, to storing food or even to hold some of your old clothes.  They are completely for multi-purpose use and you can use them for literally anything that you may desire.

clip plastic boxes

Clip & Handle Boxes

Our clip and handle boxes are perfect for storing various items in your home, ranging from toys to paperwork to tools. Our boxes are a smart storage idea for all parts of your home, workshop, garage or workplace. All of our boxes within this section are easily stackable so they can be neatly tucked away without taking up too much room. The boxes within this section come in various sizes.

collapsible plastic boxes

Foldable Crates

Our foldable crates can keep all of your belongings neat and tidy and keep them all together. All of our foldable crates are ideal for books, papers, pens, small toys, and for smaller items to store away. If you are not using them, they can easily be folded flat and stored away for future use.

plastic storage baskets

Storage Baskets

The perfect thing about our baskets is that you don’t have to simply have them in the bathroom, but they can be kept in your bedroom, bathroom, utility room etc. We have many types of baskets, all of which are made from high quality, durable and lightweight plastic that are perfect for carrying your washing from room to room. We have many different styles and colours of laundry baskets ranging from our most popular basket, the collapsible laundry basket going to our standard round laundry basket.

plastic mixing trays

Plastic Mixing Trays

Our mixing trays are very multi-functional, they can be used for kid’s fun and games during their school break or at home during the holidays, allowing them to remain entertained. Our mixing trays can also be used for mixing building equipment, for the likes of cement mortar and sand plastering. Our trays are easy to clean and provide a no mess solution to building mixing.

craft designer boxes

Boxes For Paper

Storing and organising your old paperwork doesn’t have to be plain and boring, we have a wide variety of styles and sizes of boxes that are not only perfect for storing your old documents but also adding an element of style to your room. All of our boxes are made from the strongest plastic and are extremely durable.

plastic studio baskets

Studio Baskets

Our studio baskets are sleek and extremely versatile, and they are perfect for displaying your craft accessories, bathroom toiletries, makeup, pantry goods, cleaning and laundry products, stationary or toys. Our studio baskets come with handle aids, allowing easier access to slide and move the baskets around when placed on top of your shelves. We have different sizes of studio baskets.