designer plastic boxes

Designer Storage Boxes

Having a clutter-free home can sometimes feel like a mission impossible, but here at Plastic Storage Box, we have come up with different styles and designs of boxes to meet your storage demands.

We have a range of different boxes that come in different sizes and colours that can hold anything that you may need it for, ranging from your old magazines, to storing food or even to hold some of your old clothes.

They are completely for multi-purpose use and you can use them for literally anything that you may desire.

rattan boxes

Rattan Boxes

Our rattan boxes are perfect for being used around the house and can be used to hold and store absolute anything that you may desire. They are classy and stylish, and can be used in any room within your home.

We have different sizes in these boxes, with the smallest box starting at 2.5L and going up to our biggest box, which is our 45L Rattan Storage Box. We have different colour options for all of our boxes also.

Diamond Boxes

Our diamond range boxes can be used in any room of the house, and are perfect to be used in the bathroom, kitchen or living room. They can be used to hold clothes, jewellery, make up etc. All of our diamond boxes are complete with handles, so that they can be easily moved around your home. We have different sizes and types of box in our diamond range, and in different colours also.

designer plastic boxes

Pearl Boxes

Our pearl baskets have been elegantly designed to be a stylish household feature within your home, and they are perfect to store things like old magazines, or jewellery or clothes.

Within our Pearl range, we have our 5in1 Bathroom Set, which includes all the essential items that are required for your bathroom. Included in this set is a bin, amenities box, toilet brush, washing basket and laundry basket.

home plastic storage

Lace Boxes

Our lace boxes are stylishly designed to be used around the home to help solve all your organisational and storage needs. They are made from a high-quality plastic and are extremely durable. All of our lace boxes are easily stackable on top of each other, so they don’t take up too much room when they are not in use. We have various sizes and colours in this section, so we are certain that there will be the perfect colour that will match your décor in your home.

studios baskets plastic

Studio Baskets

Our studio baskets are sleek and versatile and are suited to display your bathroom toiletries, makeup, pantry goods, cleaning and laundry products, stationery, or toys. Our studio baskets are complete with handles allowing them to be easily moved around your home and then simply put back on the shelf once they have been used. We have different sized boxes in this section that are all strong and perfect for storing all of your various household items.