industry boxes

Industry Boxes & Equipment

We don’t just have storage solutions for your indoor needs but we also have a wide range of solutions to help solve any outdoor storage problems that you may have, whether it be running out space for storing some of your tools in your garden shed, or storing some of your outdoor toys when they are not being used in the winter.

We have a wide range of equipment for your outdoor equipment needs, with our products ranging from builder’s buckets, mixing trays, flexi tubs, grass grids or even wheelbarrow body replacements.

heavy duty boxes

Heavy Duty Boxes

We offer a variety of different sized heavy duty boxes, perfect for storing items such as toys and tools. All of our heavy duty boxes are able to be stacked on top of each other when the lids are clipped on, meaning that they won’t take up too much space when they are not being used. We have them available in different sizes, with dimensions ranging from 2.3L all the way up to 154L.

Our heavy duty boxes are not made from normal plastic, they are much stronger and thicker and will last a lot longer than normal plastic boxes.

plastic builders bucket

Builders Bucket

Our builder’s buckets are made from a strong tough plastic, and are able to hold up to 14L (3 Gallons) of liquid. Our buckets are finished off with handles allowing them to be moved around with absolute ease and no hassle. they can be purchased singularly or they can be bought by packs, allowing you to have multiple buckets if they are needed for your project.

flexi tubs

Flexi Tubs

Our Flexi Tubs are the perfect essential for your household. They can be used to store and move around a wide range of items. They come in a variety of colours and are extremely hard wearing. They are also weatherproof and can be used no matter what the weather conditions may be.

plastic mixing tray

Builders Mixing Tray

Our mixing trays are very multi-functional, they can be used for kid’s fun and games during their school break or at home during the holidays, allowing them to remain entertained. Our mixing trays can also be used for mixing building equipment, for the likes of cement mortar and sand plastering. Our trays are easy to clean and provide a no mess solution to building mixing.

Grass Grids

Our grass grids can be used in many applications, including green car parking areas, private lanes, access roads, construction sites, greenhouse soakaway, and as a base for decking and garden sheds. Our grass grids are tough, flexible and very easy to install. There are many benefits to using our grass grids, with some of them being that they can be easily filled with many materials like soil or grass, or they are completely weatherproof and environmentally friendly.

plasterers plastic bucket

Plasterers Bucket

Our plasterers bucket can hold up to 25L of liquid and is perfect to be used on construction sites, homes or in the garden. They are made from a strong plastic and are complete with handles, allowing them to be moved around with absolute ease and no hassle. They also come in different packs, allowing you to have more than 1 if they are needed for your project.

wheel barrows

Wheel Barrow Body

We offer a 100L wheel barrow body replacement perfect for replacing your old body when it gets damaged. They are very simple to use, you only need to place the new body on top of the old one and drill through so that the hole’s match between the 2 and then it is ready to use. Our wheel barrows can be used for all outdoor use, for tasks like gardening or equestrian use.