plastic kitchenware


There is no doubt that the kitchen is the most hectic room in any household, but it doesn’t have to be the most chaotic, that’s why we have products to match every aspect of your kitchen.

We have a fantastic selection of products that will add a personal touch to your kitchen. With products ranging from our Rattan Bins to Collapsible Laundry Baskets to our Air Tight Food Containers.

We believe we all of our products have the quality to harmonise all of your kitchen organisational goals.

designer kitchen boxes

Designer Boxes

Having a clutter free home can sometimes feel like mission impossible, but here at Plastic Storage Box, we have come up with a different styles and designs of boxes to meet your storage demands. We have a range of different boxes that come in different sizes and colours that can hold anything that you may need it for, ranging from your old magazines, to storing food or even to hold some of your old clothes.  They are completely for multi-purpose use and you can use them for literally anything that you may desire.

Carry All Caddy

Our Carry All Caddy’s are perfect for storing and organising all your cleaning products, all you have to do is simply put them away and bring them all out in 1 when it comes to cleaning day. Our caddy has 2 large separate compartments and they are made from strong tough plastic and come with comfortable handles, meaning they are easy to carry around the house with you. They come in 4 different colours.



Washing and draining your food is hardly the most glamorous part of cooking in the kitchen, but it certainly is an essential part, and we have got the colanders that will certainly make your life easier when it comes to this task. Our colanders feature a single handle, allowing you to easily pour the water into the sink and also features 2 lips, that can allow the colander to sit over a pot, meaning that the pot will take all the weight of your contents! We have 5 different colours in this range.

collapsible dish


Sometimes it is so much easier to simply bring out items when you want to use them, and this is why our collapsible range could be perfect for you. We have 6 main products in our collapsible range, these are the round bowls, the laundry baskets, the square bowls, the dish rack, the buckets and the picnic baskets. All of these are suitable for a range of activities, whether you want to use them if you have a small kitchen as they don’t take up too much space when not being used, or if you want to use them whilst going camping.

cutlery trays

Cutlery Trays

Keeping your cutlery draw organised is one of the toughest things to do within a household as its easy to just your utenisils in the draw without giving it too much of a thought, but with our cutlery trays, you no longer have to have that problem. Our trays have several sections, allowing you to put your forks, knives, spoons, teaspoons and longer utensils like spatulas, meaning that everything in this once messy draw, will now have its place.

plastic dustpan and brush

Dustpan & Brush

Sometimes your house doesn’t always need a big clean but you could have a spillage or a build up of dust, and need something smaller to clean up that mess, and that’s where a dustpan and brush  comes in so hand. They are smaller, light and more compact making them convenient to use whenever you need.

Dish Drainers

Washing and drying dishes is always the bane of any night and can always be one of the longest tasks to do when cleaning and tidying, so why not make half the task easier but leaving the dishes to dry in the dish drainer. Our dish drainer is perfect for holding plates, glasses, mugs, knives, forks and spoons whilst you wash and dry up. Our trays also have different sections allowing you to keep all your utensils and dishes separate.

kitchen plastic bins

Kitchen Bins

The bin is an essential part of any household, but they don’t have to be simple and boring. Here at Plastic Storage Box, we have different styles and colours of bins that are suitable for all different kitchen styles and deco. Our bins will also stand out as an elegant feature in your kitchen, and not just a boring standard piece of apparatus. All of our bins are made from the highest quality plastic and are extremely durable.

Lunch Boxes

All of our lunch boxes are made from the highest quality plastic and are suitable for all kinds of food that you may want to store in your cupboards, not only having them readily available but also keeping them fresh for longer. Our lunchboxes are all reusable and are all suitable for the microwave, fridge, freezer and dishwasher.

Mop Buckets

Our mop buckets are ideal to keep your kitchen, bathroom and toilets spotless, but also for picking up minor spillages, mud and dirt on laminate floors. All of our mop buckets have a nice easy clean finish and also structures a curved lipped rim that comes with reinforced carry handles, allowing it to be easily carried around your home. We have different styles and sizes of mop buckets.

food containers

Food Containers

We have the perfect range of food storage containers, that are suitable for the microwave, fridge, freezer and dishwasher, so not only can they just be used for storing your food but they can also keep your food fresh for longer as our containers are 100% air tight.

plastic stools

Plastic Stools

Sometimes we have people come to our house and we don’t have enough seats for everyone to sit, but we have got a solution that could completely eradicate that problem in your home. Stools don’t have to be a boring feature in your house, so that’s why we have different styles of stools, all of which are stylish and elegant.

plastic serving trays

Serving Trays

The corner sink tidy is perfect for keeping your sponges, washing up liquids and any other of your cleaning equipment. Sink tidy’s are good way of keeping your sink tidy and organised, whilst also making it easier to clean. All of our tidy’s have a nice clean finish and we have them available in different colours to match your kitchen décor.

plastic storage rack

Plastic Storage Rack

Plastic storage racks are a good way of keeping your foods separated and organised, allowing them to be put in their relevant section and taken out when you are going to be using them for cooking. These are stackable so can easily be placed on top each other to save some of your kitchen space. They are available in different colours.

plastic washing up bowl

Washing Up Bowl

The washing up bowl is ideal to protect your sink from stains, odour and residue caused by washing dishes and peeling vegetables. It has a nice easy clean finish and it is included with a curved lipped rim with reinforced carry handles.