school plastic storage

School Storage

Being in you work environment can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you are surrounded by clutter or mess, but it doesn’t have to be like this from now on, and you don’t have to break the bank either to fix your problem, we offer a wide variety of different pack sizes that can make your work space smoother and more efficient for not only yourself, but for you colleagues/students.

Our School Storage Section is broken down into different sectors with some of our products range from small to extra-large plastic boxes, to plastic storage towers to foldable crates, all of which are made from the highest quality plastic.

small clear plastic storage boxes

Small Plastic Boxes

Our Small Boxes are perfect for storing things like old magazines, letters and can be used within any room of your house, we have different styles and sizes within this section with sizes ranging from 0.5L Plastic Boxes to 13L Plastic Boxes.

medium plastic boxes

Medium Plastic Boxes

In the Medium Plastic Box Section, our sizes range from 15L plastic boxes to 32L plastic boxes. There are different styles and sizes of boxes within the section, all of which can be used to store various items that may be within your home/office.

large plastic boxes

Large Plastic Boxes

Our Boxes in this section start at 35L Plastic Boxes and go all the way up to 80L Plastic Boxes. Again, all of our boxes are suitable for storing things like your old paperwork and our larger boxes will hold more volume. Our boxes are made from the highest quality plastic and are extremely durable.

x large plastic boxes

X Large Boxes

Our biggest boxes in this section range from 110L plastic boxes to 160L Plastic Boxes. Some of our boxes in this section come with wheels so they can be moved around from room to room making your life that little bit easier.

clip and handle plastic boxes

Clip & Handle Boxes

Our clip and handle boxes are perfect for storing various items in your home, ranging from toys to paperwork to tools. Our boxes are a smart storage idea for all parts of your home, workshop, garage or workplace. All of our boxes within this section are easily stack-able so they can be neatly tucked away without taking up too much room. The boxes within this section come in various sizes.

plastic storage towers

Plastic Storage Towers

Our large storage towers are perfect for storing your old clothes, tools, toys, stationary and documents, and they can be used anywhere around your home. The boxes can be stacked on top of each other allowing them to be kept out of the way.

plastic storage baskets school

Plastic Storage Baskets

The perfect thing about our baskets is that you don’t have to simply have them in the bathroom, but they can be kept in your bedroom, bathroom, utility room etc. We have many types of baskets, all of which are made from high quality, durable and lightweight plastic that are perfect for carrying your washing from room to room. We have many different styles and colours of laundry baskets ranging from our most popular basket, the collapsible laundry basket going to our standard round laundry basket.

collapsible plastic boxes

Foldable Crates

Our foldable crates can keep all of your belongings neat and tidy and keep them all together. All of our foldable crates are ideal for books, papers, pens, small toys, and for smaller items to store away. If you are not using them, they can easily be folded flat and stored away for future use.

plastic mixing trays

Mixing Trays

Our mixing trays are very multi-functional, they can be used for kid’s fun and games during their school break or at home during the holidays, allowing them to remain entertained. Our mixing trays can also be used for mixing building equipment, for the likes of cement mortar and sand plastering. Our trays are easy to clean and provide a no mess solution to building mixing.

flexi tubs

Flexi Tubs

Our Flexi Tubs are the perfect essential for your household. They can be used to store and move around a wide range of items. They come in a variety of colours and are extremely hard wearing. They are also weatherproof and can be used no matter what the weather conditions may be.